The Referanceable Objects are special objects types that can only be referenced to from the Extra field in the Level Spawners and Level Decoration Spawners.

These can be object containers, like 'All UFOs' or define some special ingame objects, like the Base or the player Spaceship.

This is a description of all the available Referenceable objects.


All Mines

Wing DroneEdit

All Wing Drones

Shock TowerEdit

All Shock Towers


All Turrets

All AsteroidsEdit

All Asteroids

All PickupsEdit

All Pickups

All UFOsEdit

All regular enemy UFOs

All EnemiesEdit

All Enemy items,

All BossesEdit

All UFO Bosses

Player ShipEdit

The Player Spaceship


The Player Base

Space StationsEdit

All the Space Stations : Jumpgate, Mining Station, Dropoff Station and Repair Station

All FriendsEdit

All the friendly items in a level

All SpacemenEdit

All the Spacemen

All Level StuffEdit

Everything that exists in a level but the Player Ship and the Base

All DecorationsEdit

All the Decorations in a level

All Alternate TargetsEdit

All the alternative targets (non-moving and ground targets), like the White Ball, Buildings and Ground Turret

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