A level Decoration adds decorative items and special items, such as black holes to your level. The Spawner itself is not visible, but is more like a hidden controller. It only creates objects once per level.

Decorations OverviewEdit

You can watch a nice overview of all the level Decorations if you expand the 'Decorations' category in the Mission Editor.
Sr mission editor decorations overview

Decorations overview


A descriptive name of the Decoration
Sr mission editor decoration settings

Decoration Settings


The object this Decoration will create. You can select the object using the arrow buttons, or just click the field or the image to open the Object Picker.


Defines how many objects to create.

Opacity: Defines how visible/translucent the object will be. 0 is invisible, 100 is fully visible.


Defines the rotation of the objects. The range defines start and end rotation. You can select Spread to have even rotations, and Random to have them all shattered around.


SR level editor select spawn area

Spawn area selector

Here you can manually type the coordinates of the area where you want the objects to be created. The first coordinate set defines the upper left corner, and the second set defines the lower right. The full area is then defined as a rectangle based on those coordinates.

In stead of typing the coordinated, it's much easier to use the Spawn Area Selector - open it by clicking the '...' button, then just click and drag to select your area. Click the icon in the corner to change distribution format.


This is where you define the color range of the objects. The colors can be Spread in even fades, or just let the system select random between the two you choose. The color actually adds a color overlay to the object, so white is it's natural color, and selecting another color will blend the original colors with yours.


This defines how the objects are distributed across your selected spawn area. Click the image or the arrow keys to browse the different distribution formats:




And stuff (Icuurd, help!)


Here you can define a depth range of the object. Depth defines how 'far into the screen' the object is created. -1500 is close to you, +1500 is far away from you. Most of the ingame objects created by the Spawners have a depth of '0'.


The size range of the object. '100' is normal size, '0' is a single dot and '1000' is 10 times bigger. That's big!

Scale ModeEdit

The sizes of the objects created can be mapped to the depth of the object, or can just be selected random between the two scales you define. When set to Spread, you will see an even distribution of the sizes, and random will make different sizes between the two.


Be careful not to overload you level with objects, or the gameplay will slow down. It all depends on the hardware you play the game on,  please consider this when designing levels.

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