The Controls in Space Ranger ASK switch dynamically between Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad or Touch.

Keyboard ControlEdit

A or Left Arrow - Turn Left

D or Right Arrow - Turn Right

W or Up Arrow - Thrust

S or Down - Brake

Space or CTRL - Shoot

Alternative movement:

T - Move up

F - Move left

G - Move down

H - Move right

Mouse ControlEdit

The spaceship will follow the Mouse pointer.

Left Click - Shoot

Right Click - Thrust

Touch ControlEdit

Touch and hold the on-screen joystick to control the direction and speed

Touch the button in the lower right corner to shoot.

It's not necessary to touch exactly where the joystick is, movement is done relatively to the position of your thumb.

Gamepad ControlEdit

D-Pad - Menu navigation

Start - Pause game

Left stick - Move / Mouse pointer

A - Select / Fire

Whenever a Gamepad is connected, green gamepad Docks appear around the game, to show you where you end up when you use the D-pad to navigate the menus.

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